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Fast business connection.
No wires. No worries. Business class support.

Unlike regular copper broadband, SwindonSuperfast Business Broadband from Swindon Wireless uses state-of-the-art wireless technology so you can access fast fibre type speeds where fibre isn’t available.

SwindonSuperfast Business Broadband uses cutting edge mobile technology to deliver internet direct to company premises via our Wireless Router. You'll have no worries about setting it up – we will install the equipment for FREE and get you up online in no time! In fact generally speaking one of our Swindon based engineers will do this within 5 days of you placing your order.

Swindon Superfast Superfast Business: £38.33 +VAT Superfast Home User: £34 inc VAT
How Swindon Wireless broadband works

How it works

A large area of Swindon and surrounding areas are able to receive SwindonSuperfast Business Broadband thanks to access points on high buildings and masts in and around the town, including the tallest building in Swindon, the Brunel Tower.

Our wireless network is fed by high capacity landlines (we don't use satellite) so the speed and latency is equal or better than a good ADSL service, and ideal for voice, VPN and other business application. You will get a fixed IP included and no phone line is required. We fit a small external receiver to your building which connects directly to our free Wireless Router.

The speeds of service will depend on a number of factors including location, local conditions, hardware, software and general internet traffic. You’ll receive the best possible connection for your business however and the vast majority of our customers receive an average of 30mgb.

What you get

Like we said, it’s a breeze to get online with SwindonSuperfast Business Broadband from Swindon Wireless. We’ll send one of our local professional installation team members to install a small receiver to the outside of your building. They will then install and activate a Wireless Router inside your building to get you up online in no time.

The equipment & installation are free of charge*.

What you also get which we believe is crucial for businesses, is top quality business class support. No offshore call centres for us! Our support team are all in Swindon and they have been supporting the wireless broadband network for over 3 years so you can be sure you can talk to a professional who will understand your requirements when you need to.

*Standard installation (some locations may require a longer £30 pole)

No Phone Line Required!